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          Various mixtures of lime, limestone and  dolomite are used in agriculture and forestry, both for correcting acidity in the soil and for adding nutrients which contain magnesium and calcium.
           Lime is used in the production of chemicals such as calcium cabide, propylene oxide, sodium carbonate and glycerin, as well as being reagent in the production of calcium-based compounds and in processes where pH modification is necessary.

Civil Engineering
Lime in Soil Treatment
       Lime neutralizes the clay particles in the soil and binds strongly with them to durably improve the mechanical performance of the treated soils, bringing better resistance to traffic and adverse weather conditions.

       Quicklime and especially low-dust-lime is used to dry out soils and to improve the clay soils used in earthworks .    The recent application of lime is the used of hydrated lime in the cement filler which consolidates underground works such as tunnels.

Iron and Steel
   Lime and do lime are commonly used in converters and electric arc furnaces , where they help to form slag which draws off harmful impurities such as silicon and phosphorus.  Lime is also used to improve productivity in the ore agglomeration process. Steel making industry also requires large quantities of water for all its processes.  Lime and lime-based products are a cost-effective way of adjusting the mineral content.

       Lime is also used as regent to soften process water in paper factories.  Quicklime is usually mixed with water to form slurry to which carbon dioxide added.

Drinking Water
       Drinking water must be pure.. The elimination of undesirable components such as organic matters and metallic trace elements with the aid of lime milk is an integral part of the water purification process.

Sugar Industry and Food Industry
       Hydrated lime is essential to the production of sugar from both sugar cane and sugar beets.  It is also purify sugar from other sources such as maple or sorghum, although theses are produced in much  smaller quantities.  Lime is an ingredient in baking soda, help fruits and vegetables fresh. Also used by snack food industry.